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Hi, my name is Katayun. By reaching out to this page, you have taken the first step into changing your life, and for the better. I am an intuitive reader, who believes that each person has a purpose and I would love to help you start on your own unique path.

There is no growth without challenge.  How much you grow depends on your willingness to look at your life and want to change. There is no such thing as “too late, too old, I’m not worth it, I can’t” You are each a unique spirit and you are in charge of what you get out of this existence. If you don’t believe in the magic that you are, you will never have the chance to see just what you are capable of.

When reaching out to me for a reading, you will not only receive a simple answer to send you on your way. I will always make sure to provide you with the truth, deep down and honest details of how to make the changes you need today.

If you would like to know more,  Contact Me  me via Facebook or email.