Pay attention as you switch frequency
the butterfly incident

In the past week a few lessons have revisited me. Lessons are what we go through all of our life; you can move on to newer ones once you graduate! As you practice awareness, mindfulness and above stillness you can switch to become an observer. It is not easy but a goal that can be achieved if you do the work. Meditation is one of the tools
Anyway, yesterday my body could sense a change in my frequency through a little series of events that happened within less than five minutes. The feeling of a tingling sensation up and down my spine lasted for a good half hour. My body talks to me or I have chosen to understand via sensations using my body as a tool. It is not always the best way to understand things. You must learn to not absorb rather than have things go through you! NOT all sensations are yours to keep. This would be a whole new post and probably be elaborated on another time.
So I set out to visit somebody who has a little shop in a basement. The building itself has heavy energy to me. Going down basements is not my favorite either. The place itself is enchanting due to the person being there holding good energy. The business was closed for the day. On my way up I found beautiful yellow butterfly struggling to get out of the building. I had him crawl on my hand and took him up and asked him to fly away. His little feet were actually tickling my skin. As I lifted my gaze I saw a person that gives me the chills. The point was that thanks to the butterfly experience I had been up in frequency, enough so to not react to this person. Actually I looked right through and moved on. What happened next was to me almost miraculous. Barely a block up a little orchestra was playing a very meaningful song!!!!
Look it up when you can: THIS little light of mine, I am going to let it shine! My goosebumps are back as I am writing this songs title! This was such a strong metaphor to me! First bringing up the beautiful yellow butterfly and sending it out to the light! Their life span is so short and precious! Then hearing this song which literally speaks about your light! Light and light and joy in heart is the message. Once you are on the way you will know you are changing frequency by having such things happen to you……………… prepared to pay minute attention. For me the animals are often the messengers of my lessons!