Today was not the day for me to pick writing a second post but things presented themselves in a way that I had to capture the moment.

Funny how some think that they are actually tolerant, let alone democratically minded?!  Guess from their own viewpoint they really seem to be.  They are only looking out from their own perspective.   After a wonderfully uplifting conversation with an dear  long time friend I headed out to put the trash  by the curb.              Little did I know what I was going to be in for in just a few seconds,  an  interlude of the odd kind!   I had noticed a sales truck selling steak in my neighborhood.  They were so glad to see a person in the street that they stopped the vehicle and approached me.  Nobody had been opening doors to them from what I could tell.

Well the gentleman who really was not one approached me with an offer for cheap steak.  I replied that I am a vegan.  He left to come right back and say that the deals were really great.  So, once again I said that I am a vegan and really don’t eat animals.  SO, he left again to come back angry this time.  He asked me if I knew that most vegetables have bugs on them?!   I said of course,  the bugs like to teat too.  He implied that I am eating meat that way.  I said yes it was true in a way but more accidental.   Since I like to be fair and civil I won’t mention the company.   So, all that mattered to him were his sales numbers from what I gathered.

Guess I should feel sorry for the fellow.  What a terrible fate to end a bad sales day with an encounter with a vegan armed with a sense of humor

Tolerance!  check if you got some