This page is dedicated to books, specifically the ones I have read and recommend you read to help further yourself down your cosmic path to greater life experience. Basically be all you can be. I hope you enjoy my selections. Feel free to comment below about your thoughts about this page or your own recommendations.



One of the authors that had a huge impact on my need for something better, and gave me the kickstart that got me started on my path many years ago,  is James Redfield.  The particular title that seemed to resonate with things I was observing at the time, was “Celestine Prophecy”.  I started reading all of his books and the rest is history.






If you would  like a lighter ‘read’ but not lacking any of the insight into the workings of the divine, along with many other things, try reading any of Paulo Colhoe’s beautiful books.  The first book was gifted to me ” The Alchemist”. and needless to say, all of his books are now in my personal collection.






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