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This page is about my favorite links to other sites and videos that I think could be helpful to your search for what is.


Bentinho is a very good self realized teacher of reality and how to change your view of it.


This is a very good video of Bentinho explaining what time really looks like to him.


Good video of Anita Moorjani explaining her near death experience and her full recovery from cancer.


Meditations can help us achieve just about anything my simply training our mind to shut out things and focus on our wants.  Below is a meditation on “Power of choice”

page-separatorThe person that started me on my journey into higher awareness many years ago was James Redfield, the author.  The book that got me started is ” The Celestine Prophecy”


Laurie Baum is an astrologer whom I follow and whose work I do respect, a beautiful helpful meditation on your chakras is posted below.  Never underestimate the power of healing coming from meditation.  What you put in is what you will reap.

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