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The butterfly incident – on switching frequency

Pay attention as you switch frequency
the butterfly incident

In the past week a few lessons have revisited me. Lessons are what we go through all of our life; you can move on to newer ones once you graduate! As you practice awareness, mindfulness and above stillness you can switch to become an observer. It is not easy but a goal that can be achieved if you do the work. Meditation is one of the tools
Anyway, yesterday my body could sense a change in my frequency through a little series of events that happened within less than five minutes. The feeling of a tingling sensation up and down my spine lasted for a good half hour. My body talks to me or I have chosen to understand via sensations using my body as a tool. It is not always the best way to understand things. You must learn to not absorb rather than have things go through you! NOT all sensations are yours to keep. This would be a whole new post and probably be elaborated on another time.
So I set out to visit somebody who has a little shop in a basement. The building itself has heavy energy to me. Going down basements is not my favorite either. The place itself is enchanting due to the person being there holding good energy. The business was closed for the day. On my way up I found beautiful yellow butterfly struggling to get out of the building. I had him crawl on my hand and took him up and asked him to fly away. His little feet were actually tickling my skin. As I lifted my gaze I saw a person that gives me the chills. The point was that thanks to the butterfly experience I had been up in frequency, enough so to not react to this person. Actually I looked right through and moved on. What happened next was to me almost miraculous. Barely a block up a little orchestra was playing a very meaningful song!!!!
Look it up when you can: THIS little light of mine, I am going to let it shine! My goosebumps are back as I am writing this songs title! This was such a strong metaphor to me! First bringing up the beautiful yellow butterfly and sending it out to the light! Their life span is so short and precious! Then hearing this song which literally speaks about your light! Light and light and joy in heart is the message. Once you are on the way you will know you are changing frequency by having such things happen to you………………..be prepared to pay minute attention. For me the animals are often the messengers of my lessons!

A Very Cathartic Trip

A very cathartic trip

a story about emotions, the power they hold and how to transform mind blocking energy into new power

This is a bit of a long story but it needs to be told that way to be understood correctly. In my life I have moved between continents, countries and within states. It is always a little bit of a trauma when nit happens. Nobody would willingly choose an experience like that. It will scare you, drain you, tempt you to not do it all, make you doubt and it goes on and on. Some of us choose to change before the change chooses us! Some of us get so comfortable with the status quo that even the promise of great things to come won’t move us to get started. As I look back in time and a lot of turmoil I can say with great confidence that complacency is the worst of your enemies. It gives you a false sense of comfort, you may not like many things and how they are, yet you know your discomforts and that is better that the scary possibility of change.

Change is there for all of us if we like. Anyway, getting back to my story. I have had this thought that I had to tend to some unfinished business. I would put the thought aside and no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, meditate it away, tell myself it is just a thought………………..it kept surfacing. Well it started to really get to me. THOUGHTS are THINGS. First comes thought and then comes materialization We bring things into the physical by action. Emotions are powerful propellers. They do serve a purpose and can either harm you or help you depending on how you choose to act on them

In an ideal situation your emotion would arise, you would look at it objectively! Then you would ask yourself the origin of this feeling. Then you might have to dig deeper and deeper to really understand what you are to do with this feeling. Take the emotion, take away the letter E and you are left with Motion. SO, you are to create some movement in order to move some mental and physical energy

It turned out that I woke up on a sunday not knowing that in the early afternoon I would set out to drive a 2100 mile trip in 5 days. This trip took me through landscapes, temperatures into the 100 degree mark and so many thoughts surfacing. During this driving, endless hours of it, my initial thought of why I set out on this trip transformed into a different reason. In my mind I was going to recover belongings and keep my word to a very dear person. It does matter to me the word we give and keep!

While I got my things and that way got to close a story and shut the door tight on the past, the realization came that this was a trip of self empowerment, breaking boundaries and how your mental energy can push you to do things you thought you can’t handle..You also shift energy and free up energy that will come in handy to help you create a new chapter in your life. YOU will get paid for your efforts, you will also pay for a lack of effort.

So we what we don’t pay for upfront we pay for later. What we take care of sooner than later pays us back to. Never limit yourself. Always examine your mind and the emotions coming to surface

While studying shamanic lessons there was a chapter that speaks about traveling back in time, mending the past and healing the future. It is entirely up to you to believe this. REMEMBER, thoughts are powerful and they are THINGS!

Also work on not being reactive to your emotions right away! Easier said than done of course

Above all that the biggest blocks are not blocks but bends in the road! You hold the power to unblock yourself!

leaping and dreams

Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure. Paulo Coelho

It is this month a year ago that we took a giant leap into the unknown. Several of you that are reading this post have done similar things and haven taken giant leaps Some of us had a bit of security in our dream packages, some of us not so much. Our friend the fear monster has plagues us here and there too. I call it our friend on purpose! It is there to test us on our journey! The above author’s quote put’s is so well. DO not let yourself be paralyzed from making your dreams come true. It is truly unnerving to let go of all things familiar to you as well as seeming security to step into the big VOID to be filled by your dream. YOU must work for dreams, work is what brings them into this dimension! Part of why I am writing is to have my fellow journey takers with me in my moments of great weakness. IT is then that I remember how some of you leaped in great faith! You leave me in awe with your accomplishments
To my leaping friends and those that are getting ready to do it. May bravery be with you and when feeling weak know there are many of us out there

Enjoy the best Paulo Coelho Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Paulo

Manipulator and Victim Player par excellence!

Surely, you all have met a person that is so sweet and awfully nice to you out of the blue! You are their best friend all of a sudden?! Really? To me friendship is pretty sacred and an earned title!  Personally, my Inner instantly stands up sweet compliments that never end .  First question my Inner asks usually is, what does this person want!?  Nothing wrong with being nice and kind but please do not over compliment me.   I prefer being humble and not showing off.  These people also are out shopping for their cause!  They want to ever so gently nudge you into doing what they want and preferably only what they want and how they want it. They are exercising calculative kindness so to speak.

YES, in the beginning they might do some nice things for you – just remember when your Inner keeps wondering, aka your alarm bells keep ringing, you don’t have to turn logical on them.  Don’t dismiss your feelings.   These people practice calculated kindness like science and are pretty well at it too. When finally all their work does not earn them something soon, you are out!  A blessing in disguise.  

This story could potentially be two stories.  One is about people manipulating with the victim mentality.  You will break their disguise quickly.  They usually adamantly refuse to help themselves, listen or even want a suggestion   That would imply there is a way out and that would mean they have a choice to make. They turn on a whim on you to. From sweet to nasty can happen almost instantly.

No more victim? OH NO, that is not what they want..  They will show hostility or turn away.   I have pretended to not see what game they are playing only to have such people annoyed. Either way, they will rob you of a great deal of your energy if you are a sensitive person or one that is poor at putting a healthy shield up. I am one of those that needs to up my awareness when it comes to such people. People who need the victim mentality don’t put much in, they let everything out so to speak. So, you will take it all in and on and before you know it will feel physical symptoms of depletion. These people are always out on the hunt for new hosts. HOW can you be sure you might ask. Well another sign could be that such people are rarely happy to see others happy. They simply might show jealousy. It may not show directly but you will know if you really pay attention. We all become victims of real circumstances beyond control in life. Loss of job, home, security. We also all get out of it eventually.

Should you be among the self critical or search yourself first to see if you are to blame, manipulative people have it easier with you. They will get you confused to the point that you will have doubts yourself. Be sure about what you believe and be prepared to stand for it if you have to! It is ultimately a test of awareness and your job to counter manipulative behavior.

I have gotten some high drama lately from a person that has sought me out. Came to me numerous times for help. Against my better judgment as well my Inner really letting me know I went for it. In this process I not only got burned twice but scolded by this person. Arrogance often goes hand in hand with ignorance……………………the story’s end is obvious. Dropped the person like a hot potatoe and am counting my blessings.

Just saying, always honor your feelings – do not intellectualize them either


Yes Fear and ways to look at it
This is probably the most common feeling we can relate to. It can stand for, fear everything and run OR face everything and rise! Two extreme opposite views on this feeling. Feelings serve one purpose, they are there to point out a situation to us. They are likely very accurate and to the point. OUR feelings are older than language and are the very senses that allowed us to survive long before we were able to develop language as we know it. My point is, trust them. The first reaction is the most natural of all and goes back to what your first instinct would tell you in the wild, RUN that is, most likely to save your life. In the modern world you likely won’t have to run from a bear or predator, so fear is there to alert you about something to look out for. Fear is paralyzing and thus often prevents us from right action also. SO, find a way to make fear your friend and ask it or yourself what lies behind the fear! You might have go a couples of layers beyond your initial impression Think of it as a speed train approaching and you jumping aside and letting it pass while still catching the effect of the high winds………….so fear is a hurdle, often worth while taking. You can have fear of succeeding, fear of being right! Yes, it can be frightful to rise and succeed as odd as that sounds. Fear is also there to control you! SO be brave and face it head on and let it show you what it really means. Often it is a powerful propeller to your next level of awareness and action.

Boundaries physical and none

The passing of a friend has made me ponder about this. Boundaries are healthy. They are like the door to your physical house! You would not live one if you had no door or would you? We understand this principle well yet seem to not get the other form of boundaries that are healthy to have and practice. They are your energy boundaries, rules of engagement so to speak. People will test you all the time, you will see once you bring your awareness to this subject. They will simply ignore them or see how far they can go. It is your job to keep your house door as shut or open as you see fit. Boundaries exist between friends, parents and kids, teacher and student even between us and nature and you and your animals companions. When they are not in place you will find yourself constantly in a state of discomfort and even defense, initially not knowing where this feeling is stemming from. Start enforcing them and while you are at it you might find out that you will have to begin by learning to speak clearly too.

a true story – tolerance and the death of a salesman

Today was not the day for me to pick writing a second post but things presented themselves in a way that I had to capture the moment.

Funny how some think that they are actually tolerant, let alone democratically minded?!  Guess from their own viewpoint they really seem to be.  They are only looking out from their own perspective.   After a wonderfully uplifting conversation with an dear  long time friend I headed out to put the trash  by the curb.              Little did I know what I was going to be in for in just a few seconds,  an  interlude of the odd kind!   I had noticed a sales truck selling steak in my neighborhood.  They were so glad to see a person in the street that they stopped the vehicle and approached me.  Nobody had been opening doors to them from what I could tell.

Well the gentleman who really was not one approached me with an offer for cheap steak.  I replied that I am a vegan.  He left to come right back and say that the deals were really great.  So, once again I said that I am a vegan and really don’t eat animals.  SO, he left again to come back angry this time.  He asked me if I knew that most vegetables have bugs on them?!   I said of course,  the bugs like to teat too.  He implied that I am eating meat that way.  I said yes it was true in a way but more accidental.   Since I like to be fair and civil I won’t mention the company.   So, all that mattered to him were his sales numbers from what I gathered.

Guess I should feel sorry for the fellow.  What a terrible fate to end a bad sales day with an encounter with a vegan armed with a sense of humor

Tolerance!  check if you got some

Vibratory Energy

What is vibratory energy?  The whole universe, the earth, us humans, the plants, animals and all matter are composed of it  We vibrate at different rate and have different density.   NO, I am not out to make this a science lesson but would like to point out how this vibration comes to play in the unseen.  It is  seemingly unseen but some can feel it.   You may even call it a form of karma and dharma vibration.

I used to wonder so many times in my life how people got away with things.  At least it seemed that way at first glance to me.  By getting away I am implying behavior that is not in line with what people would claim nor say and the lack of immediate consequences.    It never failed and still does not fail to startle me to this day.  How can people say something and think they can defeat higher vibration that sees and knows all?   One might ask what is the difference between right or wrong or good and bad and many other opposing things.

Then people will tell you: Don’t worry it will come back to them if you only wait long enough.  The bottom line is that all things come full circle in life.  As a matter of fact you create the boomerang that comes and gets you in the end.  What comes to those that live in a constant state of disharmony of their word and action is none of our business.  You would waste a lot of time waiting to see outcomes and it would still not be yours to judge!

The beauty of this law of nature is that you are also the creator of all things beautiful and harmonious coming your way!  YES, you create all things on this plane.

The more you manage to align your word with your deeds and become impeccable in your actions the faster you can align with this universal vibration.

So, bring this knowledge into your immediate awareness and watch what may happen.

You are the creator of your own consequences in life.







At The Edge Of Awareness

There is a high cost for ignorance. There is a saying: If you think education is expensive try ignorance.  There is an even higher cost for awareness. The process of waking up will cost you many things, such as your conscience asking you to speak up, evaluating your so called “values”, no longer feeling like you fit in with the many but the few among many other things.
Is it such a bad thing? The answer will be found in the long term. A short term investment into such a state won’t get you much in return. While it might take longer or at times seem to take forever to get a result, it will be something that will be of your own doing. You will understand it better and value it more.
As I look around and meet people it seems that there is a lot of waking up happening at the grass root level.  People daring to ask and wonder.  People boldly leaving old concepts to find new and better fitting ones.  Some will initially be mad and some will be in this state for quite a while as they find out that that which they have been told seems to not measure up to the truth!
What is the truth you may ask and who determines that which is the “truth”?  There is something called Universal Truth.  It is the one and only that many people come to find no matter how different their background might be.  Once you come across it there is no going back.  So, as you open up more, ask more, find out more and keep rising to the edge of your ever growing awareness, you will at times find yourself rather overwhelmed.  Yes, you will even feel torment depending on the issue you come upon.  On the other hand you will gain empowerment!  You can and will make a difference. YES, your voice counts!  Do not underestimate even the fact of thinking differently and the impact your thoughts can have!  Thoughts are things that can be turned into action Pick an issue and be compassionate in joining in with others to cause resolve and change.

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