What is vibratory energy?  The whole universe, the earth, us humans, the plants, animals and all matter are composed of it  We vibrate at different rate and have different density.   NO, I am not out to make this a science lesson but would like to point out how this vibration comes to play in the unseen.  It is  seemingly unseen but some can feel it.   You may even call it a form of karma and dharma vibration.

I used to wonder so many times in my life how people got away with things.  At least it seemed that way at first glance to me.  By getting away I am implying behavior that is not in line with what people would claim nor say and the lack of immediate consequences.    It never failed and still does not fail to startle me to this day.  How can people say something and think they can defeat higher vibration that sees and knows all?   One might ask what is the difference between right or wrong or good and bad and many other opposing things.

Then people will tell you: Don’t worry it will come back to them if you only wait long enough.  The bottom line is that all things come full circle in life.  As a matter of fact you create the boomerang that comes and gets you in the end.  What comes to those that live in a constant state of disharmony of their word and action is none of our business.  You would waste a lot of time waiting to see outcomes and it would still not be yours to judge!

The beauty of this law of nature is that you are also the creator of all things beautiful and harmonious coming your way!  YES, you create all things on this plane.

The more you manage to align your word with your deeds and become impeccable in your actions the faster you can align with this universal vibration.

So, bring this knowledge into your immediate awareness and watch what may happen.

You are the creator of your own consequences in life.